Expozoo Paris Animal Show 2024

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HOW IT WORK ? We explain it all !👇

Duo Pack Ticket - Pre-sale Only!

Only visitors' DOGS are allowed at the trade show.

Activities for duo packs

his year, the Doogo Club is coming to the show! 🐶🎉 

 Find activities reserved for "My dog and me" duet packs from March 9 to 10 at Expozoo 2024! 🥳


The Patch Guard arrives at the showfrom 9 to 10 Mars

PatchGuard is a dog daycare service that offers a practical and reassuring solution for owners without compromising the comfort and safety of their four-legged companions. 

 At PatchGuard, animal well-being and customer satisfaction are our priorities. Our team of passionate and qualified petsitters listens to the dogs: walks, rest time, and playtime, everything is done to ensure that the dogs feel good at the daycare.

 On Saturday, March 9th, and Sunday, March 10th, PatchGuard will be the official daycare of the Expozoo Paris Animal Show. 

 Entrust your dog to us at the entrance of the show to stroll peacefully through the aisles of the exhibition and discover all the products and innovations for your furry friend!