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Discover all the purebred dogs present at the show!
Dog breeders present from Saturday to Sunday 
10 am - 6 pm

Pedigree Dog Village

The best french breeders

Come and meet our breeders and professionals, to learn about the LOF breeds of dogs that will be present with these enthusiasts who have seen each of their dogs born and bred.

I am planning to have a dog, how can I find out about the show?

Unique in France! Paris Animal Show is above all the place where the best dog breeders will be present to help and accompany you in your choice. To know well the needs, the behavior, the character of your future dog is the key of a blooming life in all the family. He will be a member of the family and will have to be perfectly adapted to your way of life. Choosing a breed of dog that will not suit your lifestyle will be the beginning of the problems... French breeders know their dogs perfectly and are specialists
If you have the project to welcome one of these superb dogs, it will be a unique opportunity to compare the different breeds, to discuss with the different breeders and to finally make your choice with full knowledge of the facts. In order to avoid impulse purchases, with the regrets that this could cause and for the greater good of the animal, only the reservation will be possible with the breeder, it will be for him the occasion to advise you and to explain you the new "Certificate of Commitment and Knowledge" that you must now possess as a purchaser of a dog. With a minimum delay of 7 days after the show.

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What is the LOF ?

The LOF or Book of French Origins is the register created in 1885 by the Société Centrale Canine, recognized by the Ministry of Agriculture as a herd book where the origins of French pedigree dogs are listed. It is a guarantee of the purity of the sires (absence of crossbreeding). Registration in the LOF is necessary for a dog to be legally qualified as “Pure Breed”. A LOF dog also has a pedigree.

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Dog breeds that are present in 2023

Basset Hound

The Basset Hound is a short dog on legs, with a powerful and elongated body. Despite its singular physique, it is active and enduring. If the Basset Hound is a dog with deep French origins. It was in Great Britain, then in the United States, that the breed was developed and perfected. The Basset Hound is a placid, friendly, gentle dog as well with children and other animals he is brought to rub shoulders with. He is never aggressive and is always ready to play despite his falsely indolent appearance. His unfailing flair makes the Basset Hound an excellent running dog that follows tirelessly the scent tracks during hunting sessions, where he always shows himself to his advantage. His appearance is also misleading in terms of his athletic abilities, as he can show surprising endurance and strength.

Berger Américain Miniature 

The Miniature American Shepherd is the miniature version of the American Shepherd. It measures between 35 and 45 cm for a weight which varies between 8 and 18 kg. The Miniature American Shepherd is an attentive, lively and intelligent dog, with both strength and endurance. He is loyal and devoted to his family. It is a real pleasure to teach him things as he is so responsive. Initially used as a shepherd dog, he remains very active and therefore needs a daily physical expenditure. It is advised to have a well fenced garden to supervise him.  

Bichon frisé

The Bichon Frise is a cheerful and playful little companion dog. His coat is pure white with a fine and silky hair. It is a small dog full of charm and softness, it has a docile character and needs a lot of affection.  

Bouvier Bernois

The Bernese Bouvier is a very old breed with origins in Switzerland near Bern. Robust and rustic, he will know how to live outside, but he loves above all the company of his master and does not appreciate being separated from it. Extremely versatile, it is a very good working dog on farmland. The Bernese Bouvier is known for being a relatively calm and friendly dog. He is available, docile, gentle, endearing and full of tenderness. There is never any aggression emanating from this race.  

Welsh Corgi Pembroke

They are elongated and low-legged dogs, of a vigorous constitution, fast and active. Welsh Corgi give an impression of substance and resistance in a reduced volume. The head resembles that of the fox.  According to some authors, the two breeds of Welsh Corgi have a common origin (a cross between Collie and Sealyham terrier), but for others it would be distinct: the Cardigan would be the oldest, with ancestors imported three thousand years ago by the Celts then crossed with other breeds, while Pembroke would be derived from northern type dogs.

Photos : Arioko – Agence photo animalière