Expozoo Paris Animal Show 2024

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The Adoption Center is organised by the Paris Animal Show The animals come from the association An Ti Loened, which manages the organisation of the Adoption Center. 

We remind you that adopting an animal is an act of commitment throughout its life.

Adoption Center

With our partners

The Gizmo brand will graciously provide 100 packs of cat litter (3 types) for use by the association + profits from sales if the association decides to make sales.

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On each of our fairs, an area dedicated to adoption

We had been planning to have an adoption area at our events for a long time. We discovered that it was possible, while keeping the respect for the animal that we strive to put in place every year. Paris Animal Show warmly thanks its two partners, An Ti Loaned association and the official book of feline origins, without whom, the continuation of this adventure would not have been possible.

Unique en France ! Paris Animal Show est avant tout le lieu pour vous aider et vous accompagner dans votre choix. Bien connaitre les besoins, le comportement, la caractère de votre futur animal est la clé d'une vie épanouie dans toute la famille. Il sera un membre de la famille et devra parfaitement être adapté à votre mode de vie. Choisir un animal qui ne conviendra pas à votre mode de vie sera le début des problèmes... 
Si vous avez le projet d'accueillir un animal, ce sera l’occasion unique discuter avec les  bénévoles et pouvoir enfin faire votre choix en toute connaissance de cause. Afin d’éviter les adoptions d’impulsion, avec les regrets que cela pourrait susciter et pour le plus grand bien de l’animal, seule la réservation sera possible auprès de l’association, ce sera l’occasion de vous conseiller et de vous expliquer le nouveau “Certificat d’Engagement et de Connaissance” que vous devez à présent posséder en tant qu'acquéreur d’un animal. Avec un délai de minimum 7 jours après le salon.

How to adopt an animal ?


If you are planning to adopt an animal, please bring with you an identity document and a proof of residence dated less than 3 months (an electricity, water or gas bill, internet or telephone bill or home insurance).


To adopt you have to pay a sum of about 250€ for cats and 280€ for dogs and depending on the animal (dog and cat, rodents), to cover the costs of sterilisation, care…

Once your adoption file has been validated with the association, you can pick up your new companion 7 days after the show, directly from the association or the host family.


Carefully produced for your cat ! 
Gizmo litters are made from all-natural clay. Their exceptional absorption capacity is due to the characteristics of the clay minerals from which they are derived. Gizmo litters not only ensure the hygiene and care of your pets, but also protect the environment, right from the start of the production process. 
On sale in Carrefour hypermarkets.

AssociationAn Ti Loened - La Maison des Animaux

An Ti Loened - La Maison des Animaux is an association based in Seine et Marne. It takes in animals from all departments in the Ile-de-France region, mainly cats, but also dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs and other rodents, billy goats, goats.... They are taken in by foster families, cared for, identified, sterilized, vaccinated and then offered for adoption. An Ti Loened - La Maison des Animaux will bring its animals currently up for adoption.