Expozoo Paris Animal Show 2024

Meet our experts, ask all your questions and discover the incredible world of reptiles and new pets.

The reptile bourse in Paris

At the EXPOZOO, Paris Animal Show, find the Reptile Exchange at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

Although reptiles are not really pets like any other, they know how to arouse passions. They require special care and knowledge, but are not complicated to keep. Turtles, snakes, lizards, ants or hermit crabs will evolve in an environment that is as aesthetic as it is essential. Come and discover them and learn more about these animals!

List of animals present on the reptile stands in 2023

Pantherophis guttatus Python regius Morelia spilota macdowelli Morelia spilota ssp Morelia bredli Morelia viridis Pogona vitticeps Eublepharis macularius Boa Constrictor

Exhibitors list 2023

(Liste non terminée) 

ABC Snake Center Morelia JM Jurassic NAC 
Ventre A Terre La Ferme Tropicale

Photos : Arioko – Agence photo animalière