Expozoo Paris Animal Show

Find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions!


I buy my ticket

What are the opening hours?
From 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m uninterrupted
Can I buy my ticket on site?
Yes, there are cash registers available at the entrance of the show to buy your entry ticket on
What about the show location?
Paris porte de Versailles – Hall 3 -  75015 Paris
What are the dates ?
March 11 and 12, 2023 (friday 10 for professionnals only)
What are the prices?
Adult rate: 16,00 €
Children from 6 and 11 years old for 1 entry: 10,00 €.
Children under 6 years old: free
No special rates for disabled people, seniors, students, jobseekers.
Means of payment accepted: Cash, credit card.
Not accepted: checks, vacation vouchers and luncheon vouchers.
Can I bring my pet with me?
No, no pets of visitors are accepted on the show (dogs, cats, new pets…). Several reasons: security and sanitary rules.
Can I eat on site?
Yes, several catering areas are provided on site.
Can I bring my food?
Yes. Please note that there is no microwave available on site.
Can I withdraw cash?
The distributor is located within the Exhibition center, no ATM inside the living room
What are the means of transportation and access to the exhibition?
TRAM T2 • Porte de Versailles station
Parc des Expositions
Métro Ligne 12 • Porte de Versailles staion / Bus 80 • Porte de Versailles
All the informations on transportation on this page "INFORMATION"
Can I park my car?
Yes. There is a high-capacity paying parking lot in the area.
Can I come and go as I please?
No, any exit is final. One ticket = 1 entrance
Is there a restroom?
Yes toilets are available to the public, with disabled access.
Are there any changing rooms?
No changing rooms on site.
Can I buy products on site?
Yes, the products presented on stands can be purchased. Some exhibitors are equipped with payment terminals by credit card, some accept checks and cash is accepted up to 1000€ per person.
Could I get a good deal?
Yes, the show is the ideal place to make good deals and discover new products
How do I find the exhibitor I'm interested in?
The exhibitors list is available on the website. Giant maps are displayed at the entrance of the show, and plans are available to visitors.
Is there a dog daycare?
No, no dog or cat daycare or other animals are provided at the show.
Are there any animations on the show?
Yes, the animation program is available on the website. The show reserves you varied and playful animations for families.
What types of animals can I see at the show?
4 families of animals will be on the show: dogs, cats, reptiles and hens.


Buying/adopting an animal: you have a crush? Choosing to have a pet is a commitment over several years, with a significant financial cost, of which the future owner must be aware. The rural code imposes rules on the animal’s well-being and health safety. The future owner must be able to ensure good living conditions, a good environment and good food for his pet. Here again, it is better to ask a veterinarian or a specialist to evaluate the constraints related to the keeping of a pet and especially to get information before any acquisition of a non-domestic animal (reptile, small mammal, bird…). You can visit the adoption center page to learn more
Why an adoption center at the show?
To raise awareness about adoption and have the opportunity to give an animal a second chance to find a foster family, be it a dog, a cat or even new domestical pets.
What do I need to bring to adopt?
Proof of address and ID.
You have to pay a sum of about 200€ depending on the animal (dog and cat), to cover the costs of sterilization, care…
How many animals will be for adoption ?
Here are about 50 animals: dogs, cats and new pets.
Is it necessary to pay to adopt an animal?
Yes it is necessary to pay a sum of about 200€ according to the animal (dog and cat), to cover the costs of sterilization, care…
Is there any follow-up of the animal after adoption?
Yes, the association is coming to the new owner’s home three weeks after the animal’s adoption to make sure that everything is going well in the adoptive family.


What is the purpose of the dog village?
Professional breeders present purebred LOF dogs. The breeders do not come with the puppies, but it is possible to reserve puppies from them at the show. The main goal is to discover dog breeds and to exchange with the breeders to learn more about the dogs. A quality charter is signed by the breeders, and checks by the Paris veterinary services are carried out at the show.
Can we buy a puppy on site?
No, but you can reserve your puppy directly from the breeder
Is there all races?
No, all breeds of dogs are not present on the show. About forty breeds will be presented in the village. Each breed is represented by only one breeder. To consult the list of the breeds that will be present, please visit the show’s website.
Can we reserve a puppy/dog ?
Yes, directly with the breeder on site.
Can we contact the breeder before the show?
No. The breeders will all be gathered on the show and will be at your disposal during the show.
How are the breeders selected?
Our breeders are French breeders, professionals with a patent and a SIRET number. Most of our breeders are faithful and come back to each of our shows. We give them our trust because they are signatories of a drastic breeding charter. In particular, they ensure traceability in the sector and the origin of each animal, and only breed LOF dogs.
We have on the show breeders who have champion dogs from France, Europe and even the world. The breeders carry out health tests according to the breed they present.
Can we touch dogs ?
No. Unless approved by the breeder and after having disinfected his hands.
How much cost a dog?
It depend on the breeder, the breed, the age, the lineage.
What are the living conditions of the dogs on site?
The dogs are presented in spacious enclosures, some are separated for their own well-being. A space of 9m2 minimum per breed is allocated for the dogs’ well-being.


What is the purpose of the cat show?
Admire the most beautiful cats of France. Present cats of LOOF certified breeds. Discuss with breeders. Attend beauty contests with jury,at price discounts. You can consult the list of cat breeds to see
Why are cats in cages?
For health reasons and safety because no separation is set up between each breeder.
Can we buy kittens?
No, but you can book it directly with the breeders. 
Are they of race?
Yes all cats are registered in the LOOF register.