Expozoo Paris Animal Show 2024

Thilife Beef flavour hemp oil 100ml biodegradable and economical refill


Description: Our 100ml beef flavour hemp oil refill is specially designed to refill the original 30ml beef flavour hemp oil bottle. This way, you keep the glass bottle and its measuring pipette, while benefiting from an economical option to extend the benefits of hemp oil to your four-legged companions. Benefits: Provides Omega 3/6/9 essential fatty acids. Rich in vitamins A, B, D and E for overall health. Supports joint health, helping to relieve osteoarthritis and arthritis. Soothes anxiety and fears, offering relief to stressed or lonely animals. Improves skin and coat health. Promotes a healthy digestive system. Recommended use: The 100ml refill is designed to refill the 30ml beef flavoured hemp oil bottle. Simply add the recommended amount to your pet's food or administer directly into its mouth, depending on its weight.

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