Expozoo Paris Animal Show 2024

DOUBLE FLAVOR, DOUBLE HEALTH: Natural Hemp + Beef Duo Pack


Double flavor, double health: Natural Hemp Oil & Beef Duo Pack contains two bottles, one beef flavor and one natural flavor and instructions for use. Each bottle is made up of a glass pipette with a measuring unit integrated into it. Product dimensions with packaging: H: 10.50 cm L: 7cm W: 4cm Product capacity: 2 × 30 ML – 5000MG per bottle: Omega 3 6 9 & vitamins A/B/D/E. Our glass bottles are carefully chosen to preserve the quality of the hemp oil. Glass is not only airtight and light-tight, but it is also food-safe and chemical-resistant. Hemp oil is protected from any alteration and remains fresh and effective. All of our hemp oils are made from responsibly grown and rigorously controlled hemp seeds.

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