Expozoo Paris Animal Show 2024


Stand: C21


CAT TOYS "MADE IN GERMANY" Welcome to 4cats - your renowned manufacturer of high-quality, "Made in Germany" cat toys. We are actively shaping the cat toy market with passion and innovation. Our products are developed and manufactured with a lot of love and mostly by hand in our factory in Stolberg. At 4cats, the focus is on safety, durability, and enjoyment, which has made us one of the leading companies in the industry. Our exclusive cat toys are filled with either natural valerian root or our specially developed 4catsnip recipe. This exquisite blend consists of high-quality catnip and a pinch of Silver Vine. This Asian climbing plant, also known as matatabi, is considered the most potent of all cat attracting herbs. All these herbs have a stimulating and play-enhancing effect on cats and the reactions range from frolicking to intense licking and rolling around. Even cats that don't normally react to toys are often enthusiastic about our products. Our cat toys not only impress with their outstanding product quality, they are also 100% "Made in Germany" - from the design and production through to the packaging. At 4cats we make no compromises, because when we put "Made in Germany" on our products, that’s exactly what is means. Our range includes a variety of exclusive cuddly toys that will delight both humans and cats. From cute cuddly toys to extra-large and robust versions, we have something for every taste and cat type. Cuddly toys from 4cats make cats purr!