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Sunday, March 12 / All about the LAPERM cat breed, a very rare cat

Mar 12, 2023 — 11:00 am - 11:35 AM

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You said "Laperm" but what is it? It all starts in the United States in March 1982 in The Dalles, a small town in Oregon, in a barn located near the hunting grounds of an Indian tribe, the Chinook. As you may have guessed from my name, yes, it sounds like I just had a perm....but giving the impression that it is at the end of its life 😊 This name was given to my breed in reference to the curly hair reminiscent of the fashionable perms of the 80's, but also to the Chinook tradition of adopting French words by incorporating their article (that's how "apple" is said "lapom" in Chinook). This is not a wave type perm with slight waves. No, my perm is a real one, with long and short corkscrew curls (depending on the subject) that adorn my body and are particularly curly around my ears, neck, stomach, throat and part of my back. My curls are airy and elastic, my fur is notched and wave-shaped. It is soft, light and it is especially not rough. My tail has a light plume. This particularity is not a creation of man, but due to a spontaneous natural genetic mutation. This gene being dominant, it is enough that only one of the parents is carrier so that this mutation is potentially transmitted to the kittens. I come in 2 varieties; short hair (without curl or collar) and semi-long hair. I am part of the rex family (Devon, Cornish, Selkirk, German...), but I do not share the same gene with them. When you see me, you could think that as a farm cat I am very independent, but it is not so. I am very affectionate, without being clingy, but I need human contact every day and I remind my masters and mistresses if they forget to caress and cuddle me. I am a very very confidential breed, so much so that in France, the Official Book of Feline Origins (LOOF) has recorded only 20 births of LaPerm between 2003 and 2018, and only 1 litter of 3 kittens in 2020. That's to say that I am absent from the feline landscape!

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