Expozoo Paris Animal Show

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Saturday March 11 / Demonstrations by a student guide dog

Mar 11, 202304:00 pm - 4:30 PM


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The Guide Dogs of the Blind of Ile-de-France work hand in hand to improve the autonomy of visually impaired people by providing guide dogs free of charge. This year, we are participating in the Paris Animal Show! For the occasion, we will have the chance to present the work we do with guide dogs. This year's programme includes: 1. A presentation of the basics of guide dog training. The education of our dogs is based on positive teaching! Because even if he is a guide dog, our animal is above all a companion dog. 2. A demonstration, with a cane, by our educator and then, you will a condensed explanation of what a guide dog in harness is. Alexiane will be put to the test and will have to overcome obstacles representing the difficulties of everyday life. This will be an opportunity to see a guide dog in action! 3. You will have time to talk with Alexiane. Do not hesitate to ask her questions, she will be happy to answer them!

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