Expozoo Paris Animal Show

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Sunday March 12 / How to evaluate animal welfare with NeoVoice

Mar 12, 202301:00 pm - 1:30 PM


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NeoVoice is a French startup that develops a tool to evaluate the well-being of pets and to do so, it has developed a ... - A strong link between owners and professionals is needed - You need to know how to decipher their emotions - You need to know the specific needs of your species. We explain how we put it all together so that tomorrow : Your animal tells you how it feels But also to define for you what animal welfare means according to the ANSES definition of 2018. Émilie Nouveau and Vincent Coupeaux are both passionate owners of Néo and Réglisse, two adorable dogs who had major health problems that affected their well-being. They then decided to found NeoVoice and to work with the veterinary school of Maison Alfort and Dr Caroline Gilbert to develop a tool for evaluating the well-being of pets shared between owners and professionals.


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