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Saturday March 11 / Discover all about the POMSKY dog breed

Mar 11, 202310:10 am - 10:40 AM

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Mrs. Bellego will explain the origins of the Pomsky, inform you of its character and behavior and give you all the keys to take care of it. The Pomsky, this small dog born from a cross between the German spitz and the husky is declined in three sizes: the small one between 20 and 30 cm for 2 to 6 kg, the medium one between 30 and 40 cm for 6 to 11 kg and the big one more than 40 cm and from 12 to 20 kg. The Pomsky is an intelligent dog, lively, player and without forgetting pot of glue always in our feet to want always more cuddle. The pomsky being the mini husky we find therefore all the colors of dress of the husky of the most black to the purest white. Without forgetting that this ball of hairs inherited the self-cleaning hair of the husky that is to say a blow of brush and here it is all clean. Moreover, you will need a brush, and yes our little heart has two moulting periods per year, a good brushing will be necessary.

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