Expozoo Paris Animal Show

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We will give an update on the new law of November 30, 2021 to fight against animal abuse and strengthen the link between animals and humans. And more precisely on the certificate of commitment and knowledge of the specific needs of the species intended for the future purchasers. We will answer all these questions: Who should sign the certificate? Does a certificate signed with a breeder oblige the person to acquire the animal? Does a certificate signed with a breeder allow the person to renounce his initial purchase and and purchase an animal of the same species from another breeder? Who has the right to issue the certificate? Does the person issuing the certificate have to be the same person who is transferring the animal? Is the certificate for a specific breed? Is the certificate only for a specific seller ? Does the seller have to have the future buyer sign the certificate in his presence ? Do the seller and the future buyer have to sign the certificate on the same day ? What are the seller's obligations regarding the certificate ?

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