Expozoo Paris Animal Show

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Saturday, March 11 / Together, let's protect domestic and wild animals! #UnivetProject

Mar 11, 202311:40 am - 12:10 PM


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- Presentation of the Univet project: who are we? Network of veterinarians in France and Belgium, nearly 150 clinics, 250 veterinarians and 270 ASV. Passionate about animals - Endowment fund: we have decided to act for all animals, not only cats, dogs, or rabbits, but also whales, lemurs, Fatu Hiva monarchs, tigers ... 200k€ of donations collected in 2022 thanks to you. More than 20 projects finalized with 17 NGOs around the world. - You can act by purchasing products on our ethical online store Junglevet, where a part of the profits is donated to Univet Nature. You can also participate in our big raffle for wild animals from 15/03. You can win tickets on our stand E42 and make a micro-donation in the box provided. - Our concept: benevolence, competence, commitment - Endowment fund for wildlife and biodiversity - How to act ? Raffle, ethical online veterinary store, micro-donations

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