Expozoo Paris Animal Show


Stand: E45


Galatea created the authentic Pappa of Italian tradition for dogs, a natural, complete and perfectly balanced food to ensure health, longevity and happiness to our furry friends. It takes inspiration from cooking of the past, when dogs were stronger and with less allergies, intolerance and less undesirable food reactions. Pappa is a mono animal protein food which is suitable for every dog breed. It is created with fresh and high-grade raw ingredients which are dehydrated. There is no sugar, no seasoning, no additives or artificial preservatives. In the formulation there is only the daily intake of vitamins and mineral salts. All recipes of Pappa were formulated by the Department of Veterinary Science of Pisa University. Galatea offers you 4 recipes: Pappa with turkey and pasta, Pappa with turkey and rice, Pappa with beef and pasta, and Pappa with fish and pasta. Pappa Galatea is easy to prepare. Watch the video on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iydEGZ44yeg&t=5s