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The Dog Experience Onboarding at work and at home Dogup began its story 3 years ago with people who wanted to train before adopting a dog. Since then, we have supported more than 200 families in welcoming their puppies and built around twenty partnerships with breeders working in a responsible manner. We have become a leader in the responsible adoption counseling niche. A year ago, Dogup launched a program dedicated to Companies, Dogup Pro, to help company employees better manage their stress at work. We propose : 1) Collective coaching assisted with a dog as a coach: Stress management at work through workshops assisted by a dog-coach 2) Hot Dog Lunch: The development of empathy at work with the integration of a support dog in your team lunches. 3) Well-being at work with the implementation of a pet-friendly policy in the company 4) the well-being of canine collaborator-owners thanks to the dog concierge service

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