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Farmina’s Italian heritage dates back to 1965. Today, the company provides consultancy services through a Pet Care Program that helps pet parents achieve their pet’s long term wellness. For Farmina, pet nutrition represents living a healthy life and spending time together with the ones that we love the most not only through just food, but also through creating a proper long-term tailored course of action for your pet’s health! To build a strong bond with pet parents, Farmina’s consultancy service offers nutritional solutions featuring hyper-premium products whose effectiveness is scientifically validated by prestigious universities worldwide and is tailored towards pets’ unique needs. Our Genius Pet Health Coach, with the help of your local Veterinarian, can recommend the right plan to ensure a happy and healthy life for your pet. Learn more at https://bit.ly/3nR2Jg0 The nutritional consultancy service is now also available on the FarminaGenius App. Enroll your pet in the Pet Care Program and go through the 5 Key Indicators. Our Genius Pet Health Coach and your Veterinarian will be at your service, scheduling check-ups and monitoring the results. Download here👉https://bit.ly/3nR2Jg0

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