Expozoo Paris Animal Show


Agnes Gayraud

Asian Safari

Eleveuse de chats Bengal


WHO AM I ? Agnès GAYRAUD - ASIAN SAFARI Breeding 30 years of experience with dogs and cats. Passionate about animals since childhood. Executive assistant by training, reconverted in the field of the animal world, for 15 years in professional cat breeder, one and only breed the BENGAL. Behaviorist, since my training as a canine and feline behaviorist obtained in 2014. Manager of the company ANIMAL'O TOP. Passionate about sheepdogs (German and Belgian), former competitor in Ring, finalist of the French championship RING. Instructor of canine education. Reconverted from the canine world to the feline world by a true revelation with the discovery of the Bengal cat in 2008 and became a professional breeder since that date. 15 years at the service of this breed, many beauty shows especially in the first years to present our cats in all Europe, to make known this magnificent breed and to give birth to beautiful kittens in conformity with the standard of the breed. Training in Animal Communication carried out in 2018 then various training courses of improvement.