Expozoo Paris Animal Show


Charlotte Coupé

Cabinet Osthéopathe

Ostéopathe Animalier : Équin - Canin - Félin - N.A.C.


I have always been interested in the sense of touch, that's why I chose osteopathy at the age of 14. Like many little girls I loved animals, so when I discovered that there was osteopathy for them my choice was quickly made. I am lucky enough to have not one but two passions. I am engaged as a volunteer osteopath within the SPA and in particular that of Chamarande. Indeed, I regularly go to their structure and provide osteopathy sessions to several of their students in training. From 2019 to 2022 I was also a trainer at the Institute of Animal Osteopaths (I.F.O.A Paris). Osteopathy is a profession of passion, so we must share it, teaching allows me to convey it. I am recognized in the National Register of Aptitude (RNA) of the Order of Veterinarians since May 2019 under the number OA144.