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Céline Peccavy



Maître Céline PECCAVY has been a lawyer for 20 years. As the granddaughter and great-granddaughter of veterinarians, she naturally specialized in animal law and has made this law her exclusive field of intervention. Her office is located in Versailles (78) but she travels throughout France for her work. Céline PECCAVY regularly publishes in the SCC magazine (Centrale Canine Magazine) and in the Semaine Vétérinaire. She is the author of two books published on the sale of cats and dogs, the last one in collaboration with Royal Canin. She is also Secretary General of the French League for the Protection of the Horse. She is a lecturer in the recent University Diploma entitled "DU Ethique et Condition animale : Devoirs des humains". Finally, she participated in the elaboration of the training against animal mistreatment that will be given in police schools.